Free tutorials? Git outta here!

Recently found myself needing to recommend a quick overview of the source control system Git to a colleague. There are lots of tutorials floating around on YouTube and on various subscription sites, but in the case of YouTube its hard to know if it’s of high enough quality (or if the thumbs up can be trusted) and the subscription sites cost a bit of money for monthly access. This is why I generally prefer Udemy, since I can simply purchase the course I am interested in and be done. To be fair, there is a significant difference in quality of videos, depending on the creators, but this is what the number of students enrolled and rating should help clear up. Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of free courses appear on Udemy(as I assume a way to get you to buy up to a paid class from a creator) and I’ve enrolled in a few and found most to be of good quality. This brings me to the point of this article, where I recommended this specific course: Git Started with GitHub. My colleague and I found this course to be of good quality and would recommend as an introduction to the topic of Git. Let’s be clear, it’s not going to teach you how to do more than the very basics of installing and pulling down a project and doing basic commits, but thats enough for most hobbyist users to get going. Obviously there are some pay courses which will take a deeper dive, as well as perhaps some YouTube content that will give a deeper dive now that you know the basics.

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