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Hackintosh build

I wanted an Apple desktop machine to replace my aging desktop. I have a Macbook pro, but it lacks the serious power I was desiring (yeah, don’t really need it, but I LIKE to have it just in case). I started pricing Mac Pro’s, but the cheapest I could get still seemed WAY overpriced, especially considering that the video cards haven’t been refreshed in forever, and there are not thunderbolt ports available (future proofing?). I could have gone with an iMac, but I have grown used to having 4 monitors, and I didn’t really feel like upgrading the monitors yet. So I decided to build myself a hackintosh based on Mountain Lion and save some serious cash.

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4.5 TB NAS build Part 1

Finally, I got a chance to work on my NAS build, since I’ve been on vacation for all of last week.  The goal I was shooting for was to build at least 4TB of RAID 5 storage, with at least a gigabit network connection.  Since I already have a 2 TB IDE-based NAS built on […]

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4.5 TB NAS build starts soon

I’ve decided to build my new NAS on one of my PowerEdge 2400 boxes I have sitting here.  I’ve got a Dual PIII 866 with 2Gb ram, GigE, and room for 6 hard drives in the cage, and up to 3 5 1/4 devices (I will leave the SCSI CD-Rom, and add at least 1 […]

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Adding a second internet connection to your home network

I’ve had a business DSL through AT&T (formerly SBC) for the 7 years we’ve lived here.  Initially I was hosting sites and my own email server, as well as having enough network equipment I wanted to play with to justify the expense.  I got 5 static IPs and the fastest they had available 6 Mbps/768 […]

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OS X family pack vs Vista/Office non-family friendly pack

I recently needed to get OS X for a project I wanted to work on, so I went pricing different versions to find the best deal.  We have a a G4 Powerbook, and a G4 tower in the house as well, so I was not opposed to buying more than 1 license so I could […]

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dell mini 9 vs mac OS X

Several months ago, when dell had their mini 9’s blowing out of the outlet for around $200, I decided I needed one.  I got it and used it for a bit before I decided I needed to make it better.  What could make it better?  Well, first thing was to upgrade the ram to 2 […]

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Vista quad monitor update

I received the video card from NewEgg today and was able to get it installed and working.  Found out that one of my monitors was “bad” since it kept going into power-save mode, even when the cable wasn’t plugged in.  I was able to swap it with another I had on hand and get it […]

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Q2 Upcoming DIY projects

I’ve got a few projects that I’ve had on the back burner for awhile, so in an effort to get things done AND generate some content, I’ve decided to make them articles for Phil’s Comments.  Here is the list of planned projects for Q2: DIY 4.5TB Nas.  In this DIY project I will give new […]

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Create a wall mount pc out of an old laptop

I saw this on LifeHacker originally, where it caught my eye as a project I could easily do with all the spare hardware I have laying around, most of it which has little to no value but still functions correctly. Head over to Glowview to give the original article a read. I’m especially fond of […]

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Mini keyboard for your HTPC

Now that I’ve gotten into watching Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen on, I needed a way to log into my HTPC (Home Theater PC).  Keeping a USB keyboard hanging around the living room was a no-no in my wife’s book, as we were slowly de-cluttering the room, and that was definitely contributing to the […]

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