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The Tesla Model S.  An all electric car that claims up to a 300 mile range, a 45 minute recharge time, and enough oomph to get you going.  Oh, and did I mention it actually looks like a car I might be willing to buy?

Tesla Model S side view

Tesla Model S side view

Looks like this bad boy is going to go for about $50K after tax incentives.  While that’s pretty pricey, that places it in about the same league as a Lexus ES350 (fairly loaded).  Except you’ll never have to pay for gas.   They also claim that you can wedge a 50″ television, a mountain bike AND a surfboard in it at the SAME time.

Looks like the up to 300 mile range is determined by the battery option you buy.  That 45 minute charge time?  Requires a 480V charging outlet.  No comment on how long it takes to charge with standard 110V.  Also no comment on how many charge cycles the battery is expected to last for, nor how much that is decreased by in hot climates (California desert, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas to name a few).

Now, don’t let that make you think I’m not interested in getting one, because I am definitely looking forward to the day these start rolling off the line in 2011.  I’d love to get one, or something similar that I hope the big 6 are going to get shamed into making when Tesla starts showing them up.  No, I really just hope the car lives up to these specifications, so that it doesn’t set the EV market back even further.

Here’s a link to more pictures.  And here’s a press release.

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