SafariBooksOnline vs. Blackberry Curve

Safari Books online. A Blackberry curve. One a kick butt service, the other a kick butt phone (ok, debatable…but its pretty good for Verizon) but never the twain shall meet. Or will they? I just got an email from Safari touting their new site, so I went and tried it out on my Curve’s little screen. I have to admit it looked pretty darn good to me.


Main Screen - Safari Books Online mobile

The top picture is the main Safari Books interface after login.  Here you can search or go to various preset selections.  I chose My Favorites.


My Favorites - Safari Books Online mobile

The second Picture is the My Favorites screen.  Notice the green dot indicating that the book is mobile friendly.  I didn’t encounter any non-friendly books in the short time I was playing around (before I started reading!).


Chapter 1 - Safari Books Online mobile

The third picture is, of course, one of the books I had in my list.  This shot is of chapter 1, scrollable to the end.  Selecting 1 takes you to the previous chapter (the introduction in this case), 2 takes you to the next chapter, and 3 to the bottom/end of the current chapter.  I found the text to be easy to read, though I am not certain how long I’d be able to focus on such a tiny screen without getting a raging headache.  I plan on using it for those “in-between” moments, so that puts it in a 15-30 minutes of use category, which should be doable.  If you’ve got a safaribooksonline account and an internet capable mobile phone (they claim support for Nokia, BlackBerry, iPhone,
and Windows Mobile) head on over to and take a look.

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