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Free tutorials? Git outta here!

Udemy has lots of free courses avaialbel for enrolling. In this post I discuss a basic Git course a colleague found useful as an introduction Git Started with GitHub

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Hackintosh build

I wanted an Apple desktop machine to replace my aging desktop. I have a Macbook pro, but it lacks the serious power I was desiring (yeah, don’t really need it, but I LIKE to have it just in case). I started pricing Mac Pro’s, but the cheapest I could get still seemed WAY overpriced, especially considering that the video cards haven’t been refreshed in forever, and there are not thunderbolt ports available (future proofing?). I could have gone with an iMac, but I have grown used to having 4 monitors, and I didn’t really feel like upgrading the monitors yet. So I decided to build myself a hackintosh based on Mountain Lion and save some serious cash.

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Hello Internets!

Hello Internets, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. Not sure if I will keep this up or not this time, but at least there will be one new post coming. phil

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Alaska Airlines (Austin – Seattle) experience

My wife and I took a whirlwind trip to Seattle over the second week of Sept (Sept 10-14) 2010. We departed Austin Friday evening and returned Tuesday Afternoon, both trips were on Alaska Airlines nonstop from Austin-Seattle and Seattle-Austin. The flights were pretty standard, except for a few issues I will discuss below.

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How not to run a business – take 1

I’ve named this article “How not to run a business take 1”, because I expect to write MANY more of these. Last night, in thinking about my list of things to do for the week, contemplated several missed appointments from a certain roofing company. Then I took it further and decided that one of the main reasons for our economic issues is that businesses have apparently forgotten, or never knew how to be run “correctly”. Or as I said it last night, “No wonder the economy sucks. No one knows how to run a frakking business anymore”.

Now on to my roofer story.

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And now for something a little different

I’m going to veer off my normal course here for a minute and take part in a time-honored and under-appreciated form of expression, the RANT.  And, maybe in the course of writing it, it will become less of a rant, and more of a commentary, but I can only hope.  I will also be mentioning […]

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Lemon Blueberry Muffins

These muffins are great fresh or even frozen(reheated).  They have a nice lemon snap followed by the sweet tang of blueberry and then cake-y goodness.  I usually use organic ingredients to make these, but when the items are out of season and the wife wants a batch, I settle for the best quality I can […]

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Twitter Updates for 2010-02-17

[New Post] YA Vegetarian Chili recipe – via @twitoaster #

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YA Vegetarian Chili recipe

I’ve decided recently to focus more on healthier cooking, and with the number of vegetarians and light meat eaters around me have been trying to focus on vegetarian recipes (rather, I should say trying to make them vegetarian or as meatless as possible, but vegetarian first…then add meat back in next time if I feel […]

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Twitter Updates for 2010-01-26

Time to begin re-integrating back into non-vacation life. Back to the reality of work tomorrow #

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