I’m probably supposed to put something super insightful and impressive here.  Maybe later, when I’ve had more experience writing this blog.

So, now for some useful information.  What’s this blog all about, you might ask.  Well, everything and nothing.  I don’t have a particular focus for this blog, so that means everything is on the table for discussion.  I will be trying to avoid specific topics like politics, religion and work particulars (generalizations will occur, I am sure).  And since this is Phil’s Comments, well, it’s going to be about things that I like, or am interested in.  That covers a lot of the traditional geek/nerd obsessions like computers, Star Trek/Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, Legos, etc.  I’ll try to balance that with other topics, so it doesn’t get too far off in the deep end 🙂

So, what do I do?  I’m a software tester by trade.  I like the work, finding it challenging and interesting, if a bit monotonous at times.  I’m not going to mention my employer here, but it’s in the vacation space.  Once I talk to HR and determine what I can and cannot say, I may change that policy, though I do not want this site to become a running commentary on my work life.  If that becomes a large enough topic such that it becomes necessary to split that topic off into a new site, I will do so.

I got my start in testing by working on a game called Alien Cabal.alien_cabal_01 It used an engine that presented similar to doom II (thanks for correcting me Greg! – duh!) and unfortunately came out right around the time Quake was wowing everyone.   I won’t even go into the details of trying to get shelf space at CompUSA or similar stores.

Since then, I’ve tested/worked on:

  • multifunction printers (all-in-ones)
  • a medical billing system
  • Windows utility software
  • various websites developed in a consulting house
  • web-based recruiting/candidate tracking/candidate sourcing software
  • customized POS systems
  • document security software
  • vacation-oriented website

Previous to doing software testing, I did the following:

  • worked in management at a fast food restaurant chain
  • worked in management at a sandwich restaurant chain
  • worked in retail (during christmas no less!)
  • worked in management at a convenience store/gas station combo

I’m not sure what else I might have to say at the moment about my experiences other than you might start seeing some funny stories about some of those days waaaay in the past.  Really, all those horror stories about crazy restaurants are true, sorta ( I NEVER messed with peoples food.  That is not cool.  If I wouldn’t eat it, it wouldn’t get served.  honest).

So, sit back and try to enjoy the ride.  I welcome comments.  Email me at philscomments [at] philscomments [dot] com.


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