portable speaker for biking tunes

While I’m not currently active on my bicycle, I do still enjoy shopping and looking at gadgets for the biking experience. The latest one I’ve seen is the CyFi wireless speaker.

Cy Fi Silver

Cy Fi Silver

This device allows you to connect to your ipod (via an included bluetooth adapter) or another bluetooth audio device, including phones.  I’m not fond of wearing headphones while riding, nor do I like the idea of a bluetooth headset, as I like to be able to see and hear the cars around me when I ride.  In the “old days” I used a set of portable speakers connected to the audio out of my device and mounted via long velcro straps either to the front rack of my bike, or to the extra cat eye bracket I had on the handlebars.  This was nice, but the speakers were pretty fragile and really sucked the batteries dry.  The CyFi, on the other hand, comes with it’s own mounting bracket, and recharges on it’s included cradle.  If this thing works anything like my MotoRokr T505 (in my car), then it will have a decent battery life coupled with enough volume to make you glad you bought it.  Get it here.

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