Lego Tiger I at Mechanized Brick

If you’re a Lego fan like I am, and you’ve ever taken a stab at creating tanks, planes or helicopters that are more

Lego Tiger I from Mechanized Brick

Lego Tiger I from Mechanized Brick

“realistic” than the normal Lego fare, you’ve got to take a look at Mechanized Brick‘s creations.  For their Series II line, they have a Huey, Tiger I, Sherman, F14, P3 and Churchill.  While I am fond of the F14 and the Huey, I think just from sheer detail and impressiveness that the Tiger I is my favorite.  I could actually see myself playing with this toy vs. putting it on the shelf and looking at it.

The kits are pretty pricey, so I’ve not yet laid my hands on one of these to give it a “test run”.  Of course I am trying to figure out what parts were used to create this tank, and see if I have them in my inventory to try and reproduce it.  Currently Mechanized Brick is only selling the complete tank, but if Series I is any indication, they will begin selling the plans once Series II sells out.  Head on over to Mechanized Brick and check out their Lego creations.

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