Tasty Bite Madras Lentils

I was searching for something to write and decided the only thing of interest I really did tonight was try the Madras Lentils (lentils, red beans and spices in a creamy tomato sauce) I got at Costco last week. The box had 4 smaller boxes, which they called an entree size, and I think it ran about $7. So, I grabbed one out of the box since the wife decided she was skipping dinner, and I was hungry. I was surprised that it was fully ready to eat, though if I had read the box better, I’d have known that :).  It’s all natural, vegetarian, gluten free, contains no MSG or preservatives, and is kosher.

It came in a foil pouch, which of course means no microwaving in the pouch.  It took about 2 minutes to fully heat it in a glass bowl slightly larger than the portion.  It reminded me of a chili more than anything else.  I can see this as a good vegetarian option for chili, with a few additional spices (and/or hot sauce), nacho topping or even hot dog topping!

I will have to try and reproduce this soon, because it would make a good alternative for my other Lentil Chili, with a few modifications.

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