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Yet another 5 minute review!

I figured I’d plug my web hosting company since they are having a killer deal for the next 3 days: Sunday April 19 – Tuesday April 21, 2009 (NO I am not getting a kickback or referral fee, I really just think this is a good deal).  $10 hosting for a year.  This price will remain in effect in subsequent years as long as your account is kept in good standing (see HostPC terms for full requirements and terms).  You get:

  • 1,500Mb Web space (1.5 Gigabytes!)
  • 15Gb Data Transfer
  • 100 POP3/IMAP Mailboxes
  • CGI access optional (additional fee)
  • Installatron – Easy Script Installer
  • UNLIMITED Addon Domains
  • Easy AntiSpam Protection (EAS – Setup by request)

This blog is hosted on one of their accounts, though its a higher end account to be prepared for more bandwidth as I become world famous 🙂  I have several of these economy accounts for some other domains which I own (bought the last time they did this sale), and there really is no difference in service level or speed (that I can discern).  Even if you don’t think you’d use the domain much, I’d recommend jumping on this, as $10 hosting is well, CHEAP!  The 100 email accounts alone is worth it in my opinion (yeah, I know, gmail is free, but how cool is it when you can have your last name as your domain name?).

The directadmin dashboard organizes all the tasks you might want to do on your site: Email admin, DNS admin, file management, etc.  With Installatron you can install many different applications (like wordpress, which powers this blog), or Joomla, Mambo or Drupal CMS systems, or even a MediaWiki wiki (I have one of each on different domains).  I’ve never had an issue with my hosting account, and all my accounts have been setup quickly and correctly.  The few times I didn’t understand something or needed assistance setting somethign up I was generally able to find the answer in the forums or recieved a very quick response to a submitted ticket, once or twice from the owner himself (props to Joseph Mack!).

Here‘s the official announcement.  You have to follow this link to get this special pricing.  Paypal only for this deal (but really, why would you use anything else?).

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