4.5 TB NAS build starts soon

I’ve decided to build my new NAS on one of my PowerEdge 2400 boxes I have sitting here.  I’ve got a Dual PIII 866 with 2Gb ram, GigE, and room for 6 hard drives in the cage, and up to 3 5 1/4 devices (I will leave the SCSI CD-Rom, and add at least 1 IDE DVD Burner).  To this I will add at least 1 4 port SATA 300 RAID controller  and 4 1.5TB Seagate drives.  I plan on configuring the RAID to RAID 5.  The debate now is FreeNAS vs. NASLite vs. OpenFiler.  I’m currently leaning towards FreeNAS.  What is your favorite?

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